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Updated: Feb 19

How can you turn a headquarter into a real home for your company 🪄?

Many companies are rethinking their work environments, reducing office space to practice agile working and remote office. Implementing fancy new work concepts. For many, a colorful office with a well-being feel is enough. But how do we design a real personal home for a company?

When someone asks me, "what should I pay attention to when designing my home?", I answer, "well, what do you want to do there?". It's the same with a corporate site. Clearly reflect on what you want to happen there. Maybe it turns out, the focus is on a networking hub with an open door for partnerships? Or maybe your team needs a workshop with synesthetic digital tools for their prototypes? To find out, let's start at the beginning. Right here, in the concept phase, potentials and disruptive ideas are hiding to give the new office personal characteristics of your brand.

Just like a private home, the work environment should reflect your company's personality and match exactly how it lives. How can you make your brand impact employees and visitors? How and what do the spaces communicate? Or rather, how do you want your brand to present itself and how can you use this communication specifically in the spaces?

Beyond the CI-colors and logo, there are more profound methods to bring the brand identity recognizably into the space. By functions, planning and design of spaces, a conceptual design language emerges that accurately translates and deploys the characteristics and messages of your company, tangibly and experientially. The importance of spatial presence has reached its peak in the current times, I experience it myself more clearly than ever. It is therefore all the more important to consciously use, activate and underpin this presence. The spatial presence of your company is a media, a channel that can communicate on all emotional levels. Let's use this communication together.

I would like to get to know your company, develop a feeling for its personality and implement this communication within your spaces in a targeted and methodical way. I would like to help you communicate in a sustainable way to attract talents, partnerships and customers to your company. I want to support your contribution to the transformation with my expertise. I'm looking forward to giving your spaces an identity – the identity of your brand. Contact me and we'll arrange to get to know each other!

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