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Design of places and communication is my way to contribute to the world transformation. With my vision for new sustainable economy I help brands to find their identity and make it tangible for their visitors by spaces.


The concept of Inner&Outer Brand Experience is a key to authentic corporate presence, where the inner world of the company matches the external communication. Does this sound right to you? If so, feel free to dive in here.



My project portfolio contains several examples of communication design in places, all of which have one thing in common: nothing works without a consistent story!


Each project serves a purpose of communicating contemporary values and identity by design. Each project tells a story, but speaks an individual language. In every project is a part of me and a piece of my love. Dive into my portfolio here and stay up to date!


Visual Storytelling is a perfect tool to make my ideas intuitively and holistically tangible. Hand sketching allows to represent things and moods that can be lost by verbal communication. Vivid and dynamic visuals stay in the mind and directly transfer the mood during the ideation phase, before it finally comes to the detailed elaboration.


Here you can find some visuals from the concept phases of my projects.




Hello, my name is Anastasia. I am a freelance designer for places and communication and I have a vision that I would like to share with you.


At PERSONA I share more about my life journey, about me as a designer and also as a person. I'm looking forward to networking with you!


To keep the community up-to-date I am also writing my BLOG. Here you will find inspiration on the important branch-related topics, my latest insights, philosophical talks and personal happenings from my professional life.

Dive in here to get inspired and learn more about my activities!

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