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Hello, my name is Anastasia Langner. I grew up in Moscow and have lived in several cities in Germany since then. I am a freelance designer for spatial communication and the biggest joy I find in new inspirations: exciting people and conversations, nature, music and travel.


Just as the client's identity is important to me in any project, relationships and communication play a big role in the personal aspect. That's why I would like you to meet my own identity and to know something about me as a person.


The world and society are currently experiencing an epochal change. Recent events give more and more impulses to reconsider former approaches: the human with his needs is in the focus, consuming culture will become more conscious after the pandemic, the physical and the digital are blending, but showing both their benefits. I am very inspired by the awareness and mindfulness which modern society is now developing with. With my approach I hope to give people security for that, to feel comfortable and safe.


Design is my personal tool that allows me to participate in these changes, to communicate my vision, to inspire people and to try to make the world a better place. Let's come together: let's network and think together. Life shows that new impulses and inspirations mostly arise due to coincidences. Let's take advantage of this when it feels right to you.




What we say and what we do is what we are. Recognizing our own mistakes, standing up for our words, being vulnerable. These values ensure a strong-hold collaboration, which thus offers infinite development potential.



A culture of trust ist the key factor for my vision and relates to pretty everything: from trust for oneself to global politics. More and more people are willing to join in - I notice it clearly and that makes me feel harmony.



Following your feeling is not easy, but as experience shows, it is usually the right thing. Intuition is the power that I think we have unlearned through our forced rationality and that can now guide us forward to a sustainable world.


Empathy is also a superpower in my opinion. Because what is made for the reason of helping people cannot be wrong in principle.


Born and grown up
in Moscow

Studying at the
Stroganov Academy

Moving to Germany

Graduation at the
FH Dortmund

Working in

architectural offices

Working as a designer
in agencies


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