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Our society is in a state of transformation. Since the events of recent years, it has become clear that our society must keep pace with the latest challenges without losing focus on the essentials. It is now possible for companies in particular to make their contribution to the transformation to the new, contemporary, sustainable economy. To build trust and distinguish themselves in the brand pool, companies need a clear identity and must communicate it clearly and authentically.

By enabling remote encounters and thus a conscious spatial presence, corporate spaces take on a special significance. Traditional offices become places of encounter that not only accommodate work processes, but are also a home for the brand and for those who feel belonging there. Appropriately thought-out interior design can communicate corporate identity both internally and externally.

The “inside” is the “engine”, spaces of creation – workplaces and labs in which teams communicate, processes take place and big strategies are conceived. The “outside” is the face, spaces of showing – this is about product communication and brand presence to the outer world. The “Inner&Outer Brand Experience” is the concept of a holistic, transparent and consistent brand presence in the space. This concept can be implemented in reality through a coherent strategy, consistent storytelling, functional design and realization.


Where does spatial brand presence begin? Right where you are. On the way to new spatial communication, it is important to understand what exactly is being communicated. Does everyone agree on the objectives? Have all requirements been considered?


Before embarking on the journey, we define the key points together. I support you in assigning strategic importance to new spaces, defining the project structure and setting goals for the spatial design.


Brand communication is always a story told through inner (workspaces, labs) and outer (showrooms, temporary presence modules) spatial design.


Places of encounter follow the concept of Inner&Outer Brand Experience. What we say is what we are and what we do – this is the way to stay competitive in War for Talents and to gain trust. Because everyone can communicate a transparent and honest culture: whoever has an up-to-date motivation and goals can attract attention to them and only can win.


This story is to be told in spaces – the dimension of the human. Your identity becomes visible and tangible by spatial design: with its needs, passion, awareness. The space planning corresponds to your individual functional requirements and content.

The characteristics of your identity will be transformed into functional design elements. Functions, form language, colors and materials – together they create a look & feel that individually suits your company.


Once the concept has been defined, it's time to get down to the details. Quality, precision, timing and budget are essential when implementing the project in the room. Professional technical execution results in high-quality rooms and objects. Sustainable construction and a renewable choice of materials ensure that the conversion is planned sustainably. The resulting concept is finally implemented visibly and tangibly in the space and can give its users joy and a sense of belonging.

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