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Updated: Oct 10, 2022

How can internal and external spatial brand communication be sustainable, honest and consistent?

Brand spaces are challenged to provide a platform for human needs for socializing and exchange. But what is the guiding principle for designing those spaces? To gain trust and communicate the brand authentically, spatial brand presence follows the concept of Inner&Outer Brand Experience. This concept allows to fulfill a consistent and authentic internal and external brand communication and offers solutions by space design design.

The starting point is your own identity. During a kick-off workshop together we define the goals, bring all the knowledge on the surface and get a feeling for a collaboration. Based on this knowledge we develop a concept and create your individual story, in which the product, users and the brand itself play different roles.

This story is to be told in spaces: elements like qualitative and distinctive areas, interactive modules, immersive digital surfaces, decent silent reminders, light and acoustics – all elements communicate your brand's messages on different senses. And they do so by the language we give them together.

With the help of this unified brand presence, you will be able to attract attention and gain trust of both customers and employees. If your services go far beyond a reasonable proposal for the product, follow a big WHY, include a holistic dedication and purpose – then Inner&Outer Brand Experience is exactly the right way for your brand to communicate this.

Would you also like to give your brand an authentic spatial presence? Let's get together for a get-to-know conversation! Together we will develop your individual spatial brand experience. be continued

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