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How much do places still mean? What purpose do they have now, when physical presence has become so relative? Since humans have their physical body, spaces will be our necessary environment to move and express ourselves.

So for brands, spaces still remain the most potential way to communicate their identity to people. What has changed because of the pandemic is the mindfulness to use and visit the spaces. What has changed – is that presence can no longer be forced, but gets caused by curiosity and human need for socializing. And our job is to fulfill these needs by space design.

It is a new challenge for spaces to offer qualities and experiences for which people leave their comfort zone. The answer is – spaces that communicate the brand identity holistically to the inside and outside. Spoiler: my concept of Inner&Outer Brand Experience* responds to these new requirements for spaces, where workspaces are no longer necessary for daily routine desk work and trade fairs have to evolve. be continued

*this is not about the physical interior and exterior – it's deeper. This is the inside and outside of the unified brand communication to the team and to the customers.

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