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Even though I don't do residential design, people ask me: "What's the best way to design my home?" A home is the place for your identity, where there is a part of you in each corner. Chosen with love. Or even thrown in occasionally 😉 .

The same thing works for company locations. The home of your brand is he place where your identity speaks and where visitors feel it. In functions, visual language and communication. They can feel which aspects are important to your company, which values you live, which knowledge and which vision you transfer. This is what a successfully created, lived corporate site feels like.

But how do you translate the brand identity into spaces? What is the language? And most importantly, how do you make sure that the user journey is what we want it to be and that the brand experience is the right one?

The answer arises at the very beginning during the conception phase and follows the entire implementation process. For this translation, we develop a fixed construction of identity parameters, to which we return again and again with an identity check: concerning the central idea, space planning, choice of materials. Thus, with each decision, a choice is made that is closest to your identity. This creates a result that is 100% in line with the character of your company and your teams and communicates your brand identity at all levels.

I will support your company in the creation of a new home. With my knowledge and vision, together we create brand spaces that speak for themselves. Spaces in which your identity is tangible. Spaces where employees like to come again and again and customers fully understand your brand. Already at the first meeting, I bring ideas that correspond to your brandidentity on the emotional level – where people move and act. Together we create a holistic and authentic spatial experience for the internal and external communication of your brand.

I'm looking forward to the fresh wind and new potential to bring your brand into spaces 💫! Feel free to get in touch with your request or without. I look forward to getting to know you.

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