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I'm sitting on the lambswool blanket in a tiny wooden cabaña (hut), by the fire and with a bit of Patagonia craft beer, have put my book down to send you the wonderful impressions of the last few weeks. Like a satellite in the starry sky 💫!

I have finally fully arrived in Chile. We have finally reunited with the family, hugged each other. I'm slowly learning not to judge things and not to overthink, but to let go. I'm learning not to plan too much, but to be in the now, to want and to handle. Unfortunately, the emails will have to sit for a couple days, but I'm here. I've started sketching in my sketchbook again. For the first time since the hike to the open Fjagradasfjäll a year and a half ago, since my early pregnancy. And now I can't stop drawing 😍! Just like that, for me, without judgment.

A "change of scenery" is literally meant in Chile: we see completely different stars in the night sky here than in Europe. Stars that we have never seen before! The sun moves from right to left here, and the moon also moves from right to left. We arrived in northern Patagonia a few days ago, the climate is very similar to Germany, but the plants and birds (🤯) are completely different. I feel like I'm on another planet here. The Fuji-like volcano Ozorno watches over the landscape like a goddess (a female one, of course 😄). When getting closer you can hear the glacier on the volcano melting if you listen very quietly... Majestic.

I am getting more and more informed about the local environmental issues. The people in Chile are visibly threatened by climate change. My partners at Unit, the experts in water storage solutions, are developing their work and helping communities to access drinking water and restore ecosystems. Here on site, I can better immerse myself in Unit's identity and help implement it into their workplace. I tell them with goosebumps about how Biophilic and Natural Design is transforming work environments and building a sense of belonging, and they tell me about their big plans. Fantastic to have community in this magical place too 🫶.

In the last few weeks, we have been hit by terrible news about Alexey Navalny's murder. It's strange to feel very amazed and very sad at the same time... Very unnatural for the psyche. On Friday we came to the Russian embassy and laid flowers. A high-ranged security employee came straight away and said that we could take the flowers straight back, otherwise they would throw them away. A coldly cynical tone, not looking us in the eye. I felt like I did back in Russia... I'm glad that Navalny's movement is continuing, I'm looking forward to being part of it again when I get back.... But still this sadness. He is no longer there.

But Germany is keeping up either! Our landlord got in touch and threatened to kick out my dad, who looks after the apartment, because he doesn't smile at the old downstairs neighbors every time 🤯. I thought our landlord had a doctorate... 😆 Oh well.

This time we won't make it all the way into the heart of Patagonia. Traveling with a toddler is a full-time job! But I incredibly enjoy how my bebé feels free in the wild nature, my little savage. By the way, we celebrated his birthday in a way I couldn't have imagined: with a pool, bubbles, live jamming and a barbecue under the Milky Way. The Chileans from our party asked, if this was his first birthday, what would the 18th be like 😎?

I'm giving you all a big hug! I'll only be back in a couple of weeks and I'm already looking forward to being home and to the updates you've requested 😉. I heard you already can feel spring air in Germany 🌸? Then it's all uphill from now on, right?

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