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Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Every year social media is full of New Year Resolutions, but not for me. I'm not used to basing my goals on the annual calendar, the feeling of having next year's achievements already planned out scares me. I've never set myself goals for a new year and I'm happy about that.

What's more important is to look back and give thanks for the past year. Dear universe, how much you brought me in 2023 🙏✨! How my life has been enriched and turned upside down, I couldn't ever measure that with any "goals" or "ratings"! I could never just say "a successful year"! It is so much more! It's as huge as the outer space, and as incomprehensive!!!

I've been withdrawing politically lately because I sometimes can't handle the news of today as a mom. I wish I had more strength for this next year. More strength to do something I'm passionate about and how I can help. People need me and I will find the necessary time for the opposition.

I want more space for myself next year. My roles and areas have finally settled in the vortex, I've given a lot to my young son and it's time for me to find more moments in the now again. "My cat moments" - that was the wording for my final coaching session. The first coaching in my life - I am also very grateful for this commitment.

This year we are celebrating Christmas with a big family! What I dreamed last year has come true. My family is coming together, here in my world. Lost, disconnected loved ones who are allowed to feel at home in my world. If only for a few days. For myself, I have found the metaphor of a tree that has been there for decades, observing, gathering strength to be a habitat for other living beings. A tree for a large family and a safe home. I think I'm doing quite well. Now there's one more little bird living in my crown 😌🌳.

I don't want to drag this post out too long today, because there is of course a lot to do before Christmas! Not all gift ideas have been realized yet, not all friends have been hugged. Maybe I'll find time to take care of my closest ones. And you, take care of your closest and dearest ones. Bring a blanket, make them a cup of tea. Cook a hearty meal together and watch a warm movie.

Next year is another leap year. We have to stick together, the wind will be strong. Many things will happen. We keep our ship on course for a better, more conscious, more sustainable world and economy. We start with ourselves and ground ourselves over the holidays to start again next year with renewed strength and a complete "me" (or not, it's ok too!) to do what we need to do.

Warm hugs to you all 🤗🎄. Happy holidays!

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Dec 14, 2023

Как много любви в этом посте. Веет теплом и уютном.

И ещё как будто плывёт в воздухе, в утренней дымке над деревом, лугом, обретая чёткость - надежда... надёжность...


Dec 13, 2023

This is so nice and warming! Directing all my love to you, my dear!


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