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Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Despite intense workflow at work and at home, I could not skip Dutch Design Week this year! My annual inspiration trip to beautiful Holland, where my eyes and mind are happy and soak up in visions. Of course, we didn't get nearly everything done at DDW again this year. Someday I'll place myself in Eindhoven for a week and go through the whole festival. This year, however, the Graduation Show and the Strijps were our goal. With our little baby, it was exhausting, but we made it!

Gosh, I'm so glad I live in Europe and get to be a part of something like this just 200 km away! Signs and dialogues keep coming to me that remind me consciously of such things: that at some point in the past, it was my DREAM to live in Europe. I am a happy person. It has come true.

In addition to the stunning provocative and not anymore beautiful-perfect aesthetics, I've been constantly impressed by insights about my current projects. Such deep experiences, the art at every corner, open my mind, and in this state I interpret inspirations directly into the use cases. I realize that I am on the right track professionally. My beloved family supports me so much. Incredibly grateful for that 🙏!

Cloudy and spontaneously hopping over the single impressions, I marked some thoughts during the moments that I want to share with you:

✅ For me, experiencing other people’s art is like touching their minds. Many of the works need an explanation, but if you get it, you reach the depth. You feel attracted by the touch, and then you dive in and understand the universe of another person, their idea. It’s amazing and beautiful communication.

✅ Inspirations that I need for actual research and design projects are following me. Thank you again, Universe 🙏. My favorites are always the human-machine interactions, visualized in an immersive light sculptures. I always feel empathetic for these barely understood and yet so low-developed robotics 🤖

✅ Once the boss in a design studio where I used to work asked me: why does everything look so awesome in Holland? What do they do different? And I thought, you tell me, you’re the genius designer here 😄. But let’s be frank about it, I think it’s the heritage. The tradition of celebrating the individuality, thinking out of the frame, having a history of late renaissance. Maybe having consumers and clients, who are aware and already used to good design in their surroundings.

✅ Most exponates are like a good hiking tour. You see an appeal of something that attracts you, and than you need to dive behind it to understand the whole idea. It’s like two hours hike for a spectacular view!

✅ The exhibition about dreams at the Ketelhuisplein made me cry and opened my heart. People dream about peace and love on Earth. They don’t dream about borders and less refugees. I’m happy to see how the design community sees their role and value the importance of social impact.

✅ Our little one has charmed everyone away, as always. We've been discussing, and I think even if he won't ever do anything with art, it can't hurt to see the disruptive way of thinking the designers apply in their work. I hope, he can use it.

Today, I can withdraw to focus in my coworking space and apply the recent inspiration to work on paper. I'm excited to put my impressions into practice and share them with the community! I look forward to creating new places for people, empowering communication and sustainable solutions! And to the exchange with you. You know where to find me, get in touch 💫.

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