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Planning the resources myself also means mindfulness in the morning 😌. For me, the biggest motivation is to decide freely about my time management and to be responsible for my own productivity. That's why today we're having syrniki – my favorite breakfast from my mom's kitchen in Moscow.

For me, being self-employed is the balance between doing and not doing, between effort and relaxation, yin and yang. No one can or will define the golden mean for me. I'm sort of my own corporate communication department and know the importance of rewards and being responsive to needs. I am in flow with myself, with my mood and needs, and if I feel like an elaborate breakfast on Friday, I take my time.

And then a realize that the hamster wheel life is over for me ☀️! I love that variety. As a self-employed person, even the regularity of the weeks is also a rest from the last trip to Iceland (whaaat?). I'm so grateful that I decided to live my personality professionally, stand with my values, and apply my holistic vision to everything locally. This refers to design concepts and business communication. This also refers to my breakfast 😊.

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