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What do you see when you look at this building? I see incredible architecture with epochal character that wants to be brought to life. I see an inviting space where people come together, generations and cultures interact, exchange ideas and visions.

The Ermekeilkaserne in Bonn South has been remaining empty since 2013 - without use. When I discovered this beautiful building, this image immediately came to mind. I knew I had to force something happen about it. Four floors of empty historical rooms from the Wilhelminian period, with parquet floors and four-meter-high walls. How comes that while there is such a need for space in the Cologne and Bonn area, and people long precisely for something so authentic, such architecture is not even used temporarily?

Especially in Bonn I see the need to sensitize people to modern cultures and the fresh wind of society. To create a place where open minds come together and create atmosphere. To give stage for young vital start-ups, to offer space for temporary sustainable projects. Involve people with migration background for exchange. Encourage childish joie de vivre and let senior generations finally look towards future - all this is the purpose of new, contemporary spaces.

I see a foyer, an atrium with homely lounging areas and digital interactions, a platform for weekly exhibitions on social topics. I see coworking and co-living spaces where people share visions and ideas, in a familiar community where everyone feels like they belong. I see workshops and cultural events happening in variable spaces as needed. I see people chilling outside with a grin on their face and oatmeal matcha in hand. I see fresh unknown music artists playing on Saturdays. Our Ermekeilkaserne could become such a place. Wouldn't that be nice?

My enthusiasm and the whole initiative directly repelled the Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben. In their opinion, this building should offer more traditional offices for public authorities. Closed offices for civil servants. In times of remote working and digitalization. A feasibility study is underway. I see...

I wish more people at the decision-making level had a sense and vision for the future. I wish the German authority system would wake up. I wish more courageous decisions, visionary minds and the understanding that innovative politics cannot be in part, but only as a whole. It affects everything, and especially thinking. Open-minded, pro-life thinking looking forward to the future and not to retirement.

Thumbs up if you also think that the German civil service system should be retrained. Thumbs up if you also think we should be brave. Thumbs up and network with me if we are to steer the heavy ship together step by step into a conscious and sustainable future.

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