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This weekend I finally visited the famous DARK MATTER in Berlin. The perfect harmony of installations by Christopher Bauder and highly detailed sound in black dipped rooms of a former factory have taken me into another reality. Do you know the feeling of being truly "opened up" by impressions, when your perception is really set to 100? I left the rooms with that feeling.

Such immersive art is an example of how spaces can communicate. Installations of shapes and light combined with highly detailed sound create the impression of being in the room with a highly intelligent mind, creating a relationship and interacting with it. This can appear spooky, and then you open up filled with trust. Because we humans do kind of need a god or something 😅.

Spaces affect people on all sensory levels. By proper space planning, consistent user journey and design of spatial experiences, we are able to navigate people and determine how they feel within these spaces. That's why I love my job so much! And I also love being trustful guided through spatial experiences, like those by Christopher Bauder.

I instantly thought of the synergy between immersive art and brand communication. Through emotional spatial experiences, we can make people aware of important issues. That's why it's important to design holistically and synesthetically. Every topic, every brand, every idea can be communicated immersively. Your vision, your thoughts get formulated in space. You can reach the minds of your visitors and take them with you. You leave the room with an idea. Just like I left this exhibition - impressed and opened up 😌✨.

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