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Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Through the last few years it is becoming obvious that the world is ready for a next step. The pandemic, the climate catastrophes are signs that our economy has to change. Our world is sending us its messages and it is up to us whether we listen or act as if everything is normal and we can now continue as usual.

Everywhere, in different spheres of life I perceive feedback on my vision for new, conscious world and economy: in working, personal communication, education, human relationships and in politics. Even when I listen to the nature, I find metaphors that strengthen my vision.

I have talked with my colleagues and friends in Russia about my vision. Some say, a compeletely different wind is blowing there. In the comments in Russian media, I often see, "Why can't our society function like in other countries in Europe?" This makes me sad, but motivates me at the same time. To me it means that we in Europe, with our Western values, have to bear responsibility and be a role model for the less developed, still dictatorial countries.

So why not live harmoniously with the given resources and coexist together in our community? But obviously there is still a counterforce that stands in the way of these development. Arguments like "it has always worked this way", "we are not paid for experimenting", "the risk is too high", "you can't calculate the outcome in advance this way" still come up in companies as well as in politics. The longer I share this vision, the more I realize how hopeless and powerless ego-driven compulsive control seem in their attempts. How everything about coercive rationality is always based on fears, power games, and ego needs.

Capitalistic values are outdated. A personal goal of earning all the money in the world can no longer be seen as really desirable. It is rather shown to be vicious by some recent examples. Now is the time for visions, time of improvements, time to rethink old capitalistic values.

People who listen to themselves mindfully have known this for a long time. Facets of this vision are already appearing in work cultures as well – places where the human encounters the economic. Relying on your own intuition, being vulnerable, speaking openly about your needs, being at one with what you are doing, treating people as you would like to be treated yourself – these are my important values and needs for a new, conscious coexistence. For people in work teams, these needs have to be fulfilled in various processes of the working day: concentration, collaboration, meetings, etc – and can be reflected in the suitable workspaces.

Spaces provide people with their natural three-dimensional environment. By creating spaces I develop a language that can reach people synesthetically with these values. In this way, rooms "speak" to employees on the inside and to customers and partners on the outside. This is how rooms become an important part of corporate communication.

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