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Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Last Thursday the girls from "Grace (Accelerate Female Enterpreneurship)" had a year review workshop and I happened to participate. Thank you so much for that! You managed to create a personal, relaxed, well-being atmosphere even online, starting with a short meditation to arrive in the here and now. Thank you for these deep insights based on these simple exercises. What a great feeling of work-life balance, just the way I want it.

For me, this year has turned out to be the year of mental health without me planning it. It started with a hard mental collapse while working as an employee, after which I had to put together a 1000-pieces puzzle in 2 days as my personal acute measure. Deep and long term I started therapy in my native tongue directly and learned that mental health is far beyond the conventional "healthy" and "sick".

Now it's been almost a year and I am incredibly grateful for this experience. Laying at the bottom, looking up and knowing that from now on things may only get better. Without that experience, I would never be where I am right now. I would have put my head down again and kept fulfilling other people's expectations. I would never have said "no." I would never have set up my self-employment out.

Without me meaning it to be, 2021 has become my year. And also my year of mental health. Not a single cent or second of my investment in myself was wasteful, not a single insight useless, and let's see where this journey goes. This journey to one self, endless, adventurous, emotional and inspiring. I wish you all to listen to yourself and follow the voice of your heart. I wish you more harmony with your body in the new year. Being open to the world, being vulnerable and insecure is actually a superpower. It takes courage, but everyone can really find it in themselves. I wish everyone who needs help finding themselves the courage to ask for help. And I wish you all more mental health in the new year.

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