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Updated: Oct 10, 2022

So an Inner&Outer Brand Experience is being configured from consistent internal and external communication. The inner spatial presence can mainly be fulfilled by relevant, need-oriented and modern workspace design. New Work and the latest changes due to the pandemic are only some catalysts for the transformation towards new economy

In my opinion it appears embarrassing that many companies only began with remote office during the pandemic, and before it was considered as impossible. This shows how hard some German companies are still struggling with control issues and how emotionally complex the transition to the new economy is becoming.

Workspaces have to force these changes and that means offices get a new purpose and a new definition. Because workspaces are unique places where human needs meet the company's statement.

For example, to sustain a professional team, it's important that employees develop a sense of belonging and are clear about why they do what they do. According to a study by BetterUp (2019), a sense of belonging in work environments increases performance by 56%, reduces turnover risk by 50%, and reduces sick leave by 75%. Even from a purely pragmatic point of view, investing in new workspaces would definitely be profitable for your team.

For your employees' sense of belonging, I offer to give them personal space and freedom to be who they are. To bring in their personality, to breathe freely and to feel comfortable with it.

It is part of a culture of trust to involve employees with their human needs and to respond to them. Workspaces are also challenged to offer a platform for socializing, sharing, agile working and a sense of freedom instead of rigid-separated structures and control.

Do your employees need more sense of belonging and well-being? Together we will design and create your exciting workspaces for conscious and active presence exactly according to their needs. Feel free to contact me for a get-to-know conversation!

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