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Updated: Oct 10, 2022

"We're getting one of those hip New Work offices now..."

And I've finally realized a spontaneous Workation!!! 😎 After a hurricane, a cancelled flight, the whole evening long on the hotline and a sleepless night I am in Porto on the Atlantic coast.

We have been told for a long time that working from abroad would not be possible. "That would not work at all with our complex processes". "But then how are you supposed to get to the office spontaneously?" Now in self-employment, I decide when, where and how I am more productive, and most importantly, these decisions are untimely based on my personal "employee needs"! I am my own perfect HR 😍.

What is New Work for you, for your team? For me, it doesn't mean a new hip office for the facade, where no one knows how to use it. To me, it doesn't mean a strict requirement for employees to travel to the office 2-3 days/week "for their own good", after being able to work from home. To me, it's not these crumbs of giving up control, and not one-size-fits-all solutions. New Work is when people are at the center, when work serves life and not the other way around. When people are allowed to contribute personally. And that is not possible without picking them up at the personal, giving them a hand and trust.

For example, if someone at work is expected to show determination, make courageous decisions and take risks, it will be the same person who (surprise!) is eager to have exciting experiences in his/her life. You can't have one without the other! And this is true for many characteristics. That's why it's very important to be responsive to each individual if you want a team that's in it, with their body and soul. Otherwise it doesn't make sense. Otherwise everyone will be unhappy.

Anyway, saudações from Portugal, the land of pirates 🏴☠️ and port 🍷. Be brave, make a workation and let the others make one too 😌.

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