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Recently I had lunch in the sun on the terrace of my coworking "the 9th" with a colleague from the community and we talked. Wido told me about his work and what he was currently programming. I directly jumped right into the topic, mainly because I'm very interested in energy management and digital services around it.

After half an hour of nerdy details and Wido's passionate stories about parameters, curves and AI, I realized what a terrific invention this is and what a contribution to climate protection and world change this idea could make! Mind blowing.

We continued to talk for a while. I thought, what would be the best way to present this invention so that the benefits are tangible even for non-engineers? I imagined a spatial module that could present all this complex knowledge in a compact, clear and - more importantly - emotional way for people 🌈! With this mobile module, a startup could go to a trade fair, book pop-up slots in coworkings across Germany, or simply exhibit at a city festival. It doesn't have to be so big and "fancy". With such a compact but smart spatial brand presence, your startup stays in the mind and creates a lasting impression, because you know what your idea is worth and what contribution can be made with it 💪.

Also for startups, especially in the phase when networking ist key, it is helpful to take the target group along on all levels. The level of technical knowledge as a proof and the emotional level as an unbeatable, human component that remains in the memory and subconscious. Like "Inception", planting ideas directly in the head.

I can help you to develop a story for your startup. Together we make your idea tangible for customers and partners and make it experienceable spatially. For people, real, in the here and now. With such a presence, you will appear confidently as a brand right from the start, win investors and partnerships, inspire and raise awareness. Together we give your idea a body, a face, personify it, and let it step big into the world.

I look forward to getting to know you 😌...

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