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Everyone is on OMR and I am at The New Where @ Design Offices. Guys, I have some bad news 😉:

there is no more "back to the office". Instead, there are people-centric meeting spaces, innovative impulses and methods for transformation and the big "where to". Thanks to Raphael Gielgen and Dr. Lena Reiss for inspiring contributions and to Design Offices for the hospitality! Looking forward to coming back next time.

What I learned:

✅ Remote First!

✅ Transformation also viewed from the rational side of reality.

✅ Human well-being can be measured and argued with data

✅ My inner critic is always there. And that's ok that you can't speak as well as the man on the stage 😌

✅ Socially relevant professions finally also need New Work!

✅ Don't think in absolutes, think in an orchestra

✅ Limoncello Spritz 👌

A really well designed event in the inviting coworking space in Cologne Mülheim. Thank you very much and see you next time! We stay connected 😉

P.S. and of course the more New Narratives for sustainable working the better! I'm really looking forward to my copy 😌

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