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Getting around and networking recently got me thinking. I had met many experts who spoke passionately and convincingly about their solutions and ideas. Their know-hows were innovative, forward-thinking. I wanted to share my expertise, too. After a while, I caught myself already giving out my ideas for the implementation of a possible spatial communication in spaces for your knowledge. Well, not a good business thinking, Anastasia 😅🙃

Never mind. I'm just happy if I can get someone excited about what I'm doing just in the first conversation. When people and brands feel understood, with their dreams ("and then I like to put an emotional cherry on top of the concept that touches the heart. And now I'm a mom, and right now it's kind of childhood moments." - "Aha!"), with their values. Their ideas are being appreciated, seen, and understood to the core. Your expertise deserves to be valued and celebrated.

I can talk endlessly about the meaning of a spatial knowledge experience for a brand, but here are a few practical benefits:

✅ more comprehensible transfer of information. Through spatial and graphic language, type of staging and deeper interface we transfer not only product information, but whole identity: your vision, corporate culture, values, etc.

✅ greater reach at events. A spatial brand experience speaks for itself, encourages interaction and conveys knowledge to several visitors at the same time.

✅ integrating Knowledge Experience into your office creates a holistic brand experience within your corporate spaces and inspires employees and visitors.

✅ through spatial "visualization" of expertise, processes and development steps can be recorded and displayed, e.g. over years. This visibility could increase the sense of belonging and help with strategies.

Your expertise, your knowledge deserve to be designed an appropriate appearance. In the dimension of the human body: in spaces. Tangible on all sensory levels.

Allow your spaces to speak for you.

To communicate your values, your knowledge. To the outside and to the inside. To the customers, as well as to the employees who stand for what your brand represents, every day. Allow your identity to reach your customers immersively and stay in their minds.

For you and your brand I will design spaces that speak. Sustainable design and spatial brand communication are part of my vision for new, fair, sustainable economy. For you, I will make your expertise sound present and convincing in space and transform your spaces into atmospheric places of happenings.

When working with visual language, I usually see concepts and connections that are difficult to explain in a short text without appearing esoteric. In practical cases, however, it is a beautiful journey, at the end of which a unique concept and design emerges. I will be happy to create a spatial concept for your expertise.

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